Fitness Credentials

Credentials - Updated - 2022

To Ensure Absolute Confidence in The Professional Advice, Training, and Program Development That You May Receive as it Pertains to Fitness and Exercise Specifically, Updated Credentials for Persoanl Training, Health Coaching, and Fitness-Specializaitons are retrievable below for your referrence.

Mandatory Continuing Education - Every 2 years - 2022/2023:
-Rehab-U Level 1:
(Prehab and Movement Performance), Level 2 (Rehab Foundations and Movement Performance)

(Spinal Resilience), (Strength Training for the Post-Operative Client), Strength Training for the Female Athelte

(Medical Exercise Specialist) - Currently Completing

(Medical Exercise Specialist Training), (Advanced Medical Exercise Specialist Residency - 1 year) - Currently Completing