What We Do: 

Here at Adrian Fitness Consulting, At An Individual Level, We Strive To Help Our Clients Identify Realistic Fitness Goals By Incorporating Short & Long-Term Goals, Corrective - Postural & Orthopedic Assessments, And Nutrition Coaching Strategies To Ensure Our Client's Long-Term Success. At a Larger Scale, We Help Companies With Injury Prevention Programs, Health & Awareness Seminars & Postural / Neural & Environmental Ergonomic Assessments To Increase Productivity & Decrease Major Health Issues That Are Incurred At Work - Such As Obesity, Digital Dementia, & Various Postural Distortion Patterns. We Also Provide Personal Trainers With Educational Opportunities To Advance Thier Skills & Knowledge In Various Courses That Have Been Accredited by The National Academy of Sports Medicine, American Council On Exercise, and Canadian Fitness Professionals in Movement & Mobility, Corrective Exercise, Orthopedic Exercise, and Posture Exercise.

We Offer Consulting Services For Those Who Need Help In: 


- Private Personal Training & In Home Personal Training 

- Corrective & Postural Exercise & Orthopedic Rehabilitation 

- Nutritional - Health & Behavior Change Coaching 

- Personal Training - Advanced Specialty Courses 

- Posture Screens /Assesments & Posture-Ergonomic Assements & Education 



***Early Bird Registration For - Orthopedic Exercise & Osteoporosis Course***

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Orthopaedic Exercise & Osteoporosis - $600 + Tax

-October 27th & 28th - 9am-5pm, Both Days

-Location 120 Carlton St. East (Jarvis & Carlton) - Main Floor

-14 Hours of Instruction / 2 Days

-2 Coursebooks, 1 Workbook

-Bonus Material - Done For You Orthopedic Exercise Protocols

-Bonus Material - Orthopedic Exercise & Healthcare Provider Template 

-Bonus Material - Digital Copies - Orthopedic Exercise & Sports Injuries

-4 Continuing Education Credits Provided - canfitpro 

-Sign-Up Instructions - Email: adrianfconsulting@gmail.com 










Advanced Training Systems - $499 + Tax

November 10th & 11th / December 15th & 16th - 9am-5pm

-200 Front St. West - CardioGo Lower Level 

-14 Hours of Instruction / 2 Days 

-ATS Coursebook & Online Membership

-4 Continuing Education Credits Provided - canfitpro 

-Sign Up Instructions - Visit - www.atscertify.com/adrian


  2018 / 2019 - Monthly 

Posture Neurology Workshops Now Available! 

Onsite - Ergonomic Evaluations Now Available!  


 1st Step - Know Your Postural Archetype!

Are You An - Ergo Archetype? / Neuro Archetype? /

Structural Archetype? / Dynamic Archetype? 

 Visit - www.posturearchetype.com-Complete Your Free Online Assessment 

2nd Step - Book Your: Brain-Based Assessment: Neuro Scan (30min) 

3rd Step -  Get Your Posture Archetype Results

& Recieve Your: Brain-Based Implementation Plan 

September-Posture Fit

December-Breathe For The Brain

Februrary-Design Your Workspace

October-Sitting Disease

Winter Break

March-Digital Dementia

November-Sleeping Sense

January-Proper Spinal Hygiene Habits

April-Overcoming Headaches

  Posture Neurology - 30min / 60min Assessments &

Rehabilitation Plans Now Available!

SHAPE - Health & Wellness Centre - 261 Davenport Rd. Yorkville Area

Monday - Saturday: 11am - 1pm  - Email: adrianfconsulting@gmail.com 


Registered - American Posture Institute 

Licenced - International Board of Posture & Ergonomics - 2018 


-What Motivates You?

-What Keeps You  Moving?

-What Makes You Better?


-What Inspires You?

-Who Inspires You?

-Become An Inspiration!


-Who Do You Want To Grow Into?

-What Are Your Next Goals?

-Always Keep Growing!

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