Adrian F. Consulting - 382 Yonge St. 4th Floor, Toronto - Sept 1st, 2023 Update:

Website Has Been Permanently Moved to: https://adrianfconsulting.square.site/

Adrian F. Consulting provides professional advice, training, and program development for various areas related specifically to fitness, post-rehab exercise, medical exercise, health coaching, fitness nutrition, and applied movement neurology (postural, balance, fine-motor coordination, stokes).

For clients with no medical conditions and or current injuries, then access to more intense fitness programs is available and tailored with an added bonus of various specialized programming:

Strength & Hypertrophy Training

Weight Loss Training

Senior Fitness Training

Woman's Specific Training

Youth Fitness Training

Mobility & Corrective Exercise

Athletic Prehab & Performance Training

As a personal trainer, health coach, and medical exercise professional, Adrian also helps clients manage their medical conditions through exercise to improve functional deficits. Adrian F. Consulting practice is located downtown Toronto near Yonge and College, and works collaboratively with various health professionals in helping their patients achieve improved health and fitness goals.

"Medical Exercise services aim to help clients with medically stable conditions that require exercise to be a key component in helping to improve the clients’ functional deficits by focusing on improving key functional outcome measures associated with the medical condition". - Adrian Fournier

Roles & Responsibilities of Medical Exercise Professionals:

Medical Exercise Professionals provide safe and effective exercise to clients with stable medical conditions.

Communicate effectively and appropriately with health care providers. Document and report medical exercise outcomes. Progress and manage clients to positive outcomes.

Educate clients on in-home medical exercise to help manage their medical condition.

Provide health care providers with advice and knowledge on medical exercise in the management of medical conditions.

Protocol-Based Packages Available (30 Days, 60 Days, 90 Days, 120 Days):

Shoulder: Mobility - Strengthening - Post-Rehab Protocols

Spinal: Mobility-  Strengthening - Post-Rehab Protocols

Hip: Mobility - Strengthening - Post-Rehab Protocols

Neuro: Balance - Sensory-Motor - Fine-Motor Coordination - Gate Patterning 

  Medical Exercise

Role as a Medical Exercise Professional: To Provide Safe and Effective Exercise to Clients

-Communicate Effectively and Appropriately with Medical Professionals

-Document and Report Medical Exercise Outcomes

-Progress and Manage Clients to Positive Outcomes

-Educate Clients on In-Home Medical Exercise to Help Manage their Medical Condition

-Provide Medical Professionals with Advice and Knowledge on Medical Exercise in the Management of Medical Conditions.




Medical Exercise Programs Are Designed With 4 Main Components:

1. What Clinical Anatomy Is Involved?

2. What Pathology Is Involved?

3. What  Dosage and Specific Exercises Are Involved?

4. What  Medical Management Is Involved?




-What Motivates You?

-What Keeps You  Moving?

-What Makes You Better?


-What Inspires You?

-Who Inspires You?

-Become An Inspiration!


-Who Do You Want To Grow Into?

-What Are Your Next Goals?

-Always Keep Growing!