Adrian Fitness Consulting: 

Adrian Fitness Consulting,

at an individual level provides Fitness Consulting, Personal Training, Health Coaching, Post-Rehabilitation for Orthopedic Injuries (Post Surgery) & Neuro-Movement deficiencies (Balance & Posture) , and Nutrition Coaching / Behavior Change Coaching.

at a larger level provides Fitness Consulting, Health Coaching, & Neuro-Ergonomic Assessments and Implementation Strategies That can be applied to improve overall Health & Productivity within the work environment.


More specifically, Adrian Fitness Consulting provides specialty consulting services for those interested in: Fitness (Strength Training), (Medical Fitness), (Weight Loss), (Senior Fitness), (Woman's Fitness), (Youth Fitness), Post-Rehabilitation, Orthopedic Exercise, Movement & Mobility, Posture & Movement Neurology, 



***Orthopedic Exercise***

***Movement Neurology***

***Cancer Exercise***


  2021/2022 - Monthly 

Posture Neurology Workshops Now Available! 

Onsite - Ergonomic Evaluations Now Available!  


 1st Step - Know Your Postural Archetype!

Are You An - Ergo Archetype? / Neuro Archetype? /

Structural Archetype? / Dynamic Archetype? 

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September-Posture Fit

December-Breathe For The Brain

Februrary-Design Your Workspace

October-Sitting Disease

Winter Break

March-Digital Dementia

November-Sleeping Sense

January-Proper Spinal Hygiene Habits

April-Overcoming Headaches

  Posture Neurology - 30min / 60min Assessments &

Rehabilitation Plans Now Available!

SHAPE - Health & Wellness Centre - 261 Davenport Rd. Yorkville Area

Monday - Saturday: 11am - 1pm  - Email: 


Registered - American Posture Institute 

Licenced - International Board of Posture & Ergonomics - 2018 


-What Motivates You?

-What Keeps You  Moving?

-What Makes You Better?


-What Inspires You?

-Who Inspires You?

-Become An Inspiration!


-Who Do You Want To Grow Into?

-What Are Your Next Goals?

-Always Keep Growing!

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